Windy Welly and the ferry ride of doom

Now judging from the title you can tell the next few days probably weren’t ideal. This isn’t completely true, but there were some ups and downs… literally.

From Taupo we drove to Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. Nicknamed Windy Wellington, it is a city known for blustery days. This was no exception when we arrived. First stop was a view of the city from Mt. Victoria.




Wellington was beautiful despite the cold, rainy weather. The city was full of good shopping, food and entertainment and our home base was perched high above the streets in a 17 story hotel, the nicest on the whole tour.

We spent our few days in Welly doing some pretty fun activities: bowling, going out, eating McDonald’s at 2 a.m., watching movies and the like. Of course, we squeezed in some history and culture by going to the BEST museum I have been to ever, the Te Papa museum (all about everything you want to know about New Zealand).

You can learn more about the museum here. Oh and it’s FREE admission! And there was free wifi, perfect for a student traveller.



Now here comes the worst part of the trip. We all got up super early for the 8 a.m. sailing to the South Island. I had been given mixed messages about this trip. My dad experienced an awful sailing on the same boat back in the 70s. My tour director said it had never been too bad. I decided to listen to her.

But this particular morning decided to be nasty.

The waves got larger and larger as we left Welly. Soon into the Cook Straight the boat was going up, up, up and then downnnn, downn, down.

We all felt sicker by the moment, all the color washed out of everyone’s faces as we sat at the front of the boat, feeling the impact of each crash more and more. Soon, paper bags appeared. And you can guess the rest.

Thank god for the calmness we met as we approached the sounds near Picton. Over three hours later we had arrived on the South Island! It looks small on the map, but it was one of the longest trips of my life.


Wineries, seals, snow and some adrenaline sports awaited us on the South Island. More to come.

– Canadian Kiwi Girl


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