The Kaikoura Coast: seals included

After stepping off the Interislander ferry and gathering my land legs, it was time for South Island. The Kaikoura Coast, which we drove through on our way from Nelson to Christchurch, was one of the most memorable, scenic areas of the trip and one of our first stops.

It was stunning.

The area is known for all things sea life, especially whales, dolphins and fur seals. There was no shortage of true NZ fur seals, thats for sure! These plump, but fierce creatures were lounging on rocks near the side of the road, as cars whizzed by on the highway. This guy was blocking part of a boardwalk. I’ve got to say he was not the friendliest; anger soon followed as he/she arched its back and let out a snarly roar.


Since the dolphin and whale tours had to be put on hold due to bad weather, we had some time to spare. So our director recommended we go on a trek along part of the coast. This took about one hour, leading us along rocky cliffs, wind swept plains and farmland. I can’t remember the name of this walk, if anyone knows from these pictures, let me know in the comments.





Throughout the walk we got a little silly with photography. Jumping photos seemed quite fitting, although we couldn’t jump too high with the force of the wind at our backs – it was definitely a long way down!





The colours of the ocean and sky were incredible, it was like Hawaii mixed with BC mixed with Ireland. New Zealand was shaping up to be a paradise with many faces.

– Canadian Kiwi Girl


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